VestiFoule : crowd simulation software with virtual reality

Job instability or fears that can generate environments crowd

– Crowd simulation through a shopping arcade
– Optimized Settings
– Integrated Patient Management
– Multilanguage
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Crowd simulation through a shopping arcade

“Many of our patients buccal, including those with visual dependence, complain specifically of instabilities, intolerances (autonomic reactions), or even fears in environments or similar crowd as supermarkets. It is why they seemed to us important to offer a virtual reality support for apprehend these genes”.       

Vestibular rehabilitator

The proposed Stage is a shopping arcade on several levels in which the crowd is engaged in privileged passages to benefit from concentrated areas of the world as almost empty areas. The patient can wander at will wherever it feels to go to the extent of its tolerance. The crowd density is configurable up to 300 people! It is also possible to set the appropriate sound effects to the scene to increase the immersive virtual reality side.

reglages agoraphobie Vestifoule
reglages agoraphobie Vestifoule manette

Optimized settings

You can start in different places: 5 possible starting positions more or less distant from the crowd depending on the progress of your patient. You can start with a soft distant from the crowd. Then you can start in a crowd up.

Integrated patient record management

Very convenient to follow the progress of your patients

Management of patient records to track progress over time and note any comments. Patient records management is common to all Vestibulus software, a considerable time (you do not have to create several patient records) and you get a global vision.


Available in French, English and Spanish

We translate quickly to new languages according to the needs of practitioners

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